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Содействие развитию и совершенствованию системы печей И. Кузнецова

Цель партнерства

Оказание помощи в распространении информации о новых эффективных бытовых и промышленных печах,

отвечающим мировым стандартам

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Объединение усилий всех заинтересованных государственных, общественных, коммерческих организаций

и частных лиц для достижения целей

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Осуществление высокоэффективного международного сотрудничества с заинтересованными

организациями и гражданами

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Оказание содействия в развитии систем проектирования тепловых агрегатов

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Содействие профессиональному обучению членов партнерства, повышению их квалификации,

организации стажировок, в том числе и за рубежом

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Содействие распространению информации об эффективности технологии строительства печей

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Аккумулировать материальные, интеллектуальные, организационные, финансовые и другие ресурсы

для разработки и реализации проектов

23 April– 2 May, 2017 Masonry brick stoves with free gas circulation with patecipation of Igor Kuznetsov

First course and international seminar in Italy

We would like to invite everyone to a seminar theoretical and practical workshop is oper to everyone: all stove manufacturers, professionals and amateur stove builders ana it’s about the construction of brick stoves with "free gas circulation" by Igor Kuznetsov. (www.stove.ru)

The "Siberian" stoves of Kuznetsov have some special features:

Dry joint with dual combustion, which allows the gases that do not participate in combustion (nitrogen, etc.: about 70% of combustion air) to separate from the combustion gases(oxygen and hydrogen) in the combustion chamber

- this allows the secondary air of combustion (carbon monoxide)

- system of smoke channeling calling double bell, that allows a slow and optimal transfer of the heat produced. Some stoves, thanks to their mass can also release heat for 2 days after the fire.

Recent tests carried out in an Austrian research institute showed an efficiency of between 92% and 94% and emissions two to three times lower than the European standards.

The workshop will include lectures and practice on site to gain experience. The main teacher is an engineer and Russian inventor Igor Kuznetsov. He is known throughout the world for his work on improving masonry stoves (stone and exposed brick, etc.) and masonry boilers.

Place: the workshop will take place in the beautiful Ligurian hinterland in the locality San Michele, Lungoborsa road near the village of San Pietro Vara (La Spezia, Italy)


Registration and payment:

Participation fee: € 550

Meals and lodging: € 20 per day (only meals 3+6+6)

Minimun partecipant 16 max 25 person

For registration you have to make a deposit of 100 eu

Azienda Agricola S.Isidoro di Garbelli Mariachiara

Banco Popolare di Varese Ligure  IBAN  IT77K0503449860000000000526

For Registration, information on how to reach the place, the accommodation, meals:

Ilaria Pasquinelli e Lisa Zannerini This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 0039 324 7759868


Andrea Magnolini This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(0039) 347 2237427 (speak Italian, English, French, Spanish)

Salius Prabolis This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (English, Russian, Polish, Lituan) 

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